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  • Greetings,

    I have an old Windows 2008 Std Edition Server (3 years since it was installed) and havent seen this issue before but it suddenly popped up.  I am unable to get into System properties except by going into the control panel to do so.   The Product Key is blank but this server was activated years ago something caused it to lose its activation.   When I use the command window and the command :

    slmgr.vbs -ipk "product key"

    I get a popup that states "An unauthorized change has been made to Windows" 

    "You will no longer receive notifications, including those about your license or activation.  Use the link below to find out how to fix your system.:

    Details -  Error: 0xC004D401

    Description - The security processor reported a system file mismatch error.

    I did have symantec endpoint on this server but have since removed it,  also this KB article is not applicable there has never been a spyware dr or any other anti spyware program installed on this server.

    Also when I try to validate windows its trying to get me to purchase a Windows 7 Pro License it does not determine that Windows 2008 Server is actually installed

    The License Key for this machine is OEM and is on a Sticker on the side of the machine like it has always been.   Can anyone help me with this issue or what to try next?  

    Also running slmgr -ato from an elevated command prompt causes the same error to pop up along with a windows script host error (attached below)

    Thanks for any help ahead of time


    Ted Elhajj

    2013年2月26日 19:35