32位windows 2003 DC 如何升级到64位windows 2003 r2 DC RRS feed


  • 您好,根据我知道,不能在同一DC上做32位到64位的直接升级。

    你需要新装一台 64位的 Windows 2003 R2 DC, 接着将FSMO角色搬过去。 


    Known problems transitioning and upgrading

    No in-place upgrades between architectures

    When you have Domain Controllers running a 32bit version of Windows Server, you can’t upgrade them in-place to a 64bit version of Windows Server. Microsoft does not offer cross-architecture in-place upgrades.

    This means you’re stuck with transitioning or restructuring your Active Directory topology.

    • Transitioning means adding 64bit Windows Server Domain Controllers to your existing Active Directory environment. After successfully moving the Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) roles you can simply demote the previous Domain Controllers, remove them from the domain and throw them out of the window. Transitioning is possible for Active Directory environments which domain functional level is at least Windows 2000 Native.


    黄俊贤 Tommy Huang

    2012年2月22日 15:01