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  • @Dosket Where=@for %%e in (%PATHEXT%) do @for %%i in ($*%%e) do @if NOT "%%~$PATH:i"=="" echo %%~$PATH:i


    @Dosket Where 这个是 windows dos alias 后面的不大懂

    dos for commands

    我想载CMD 测试一下

    ECHO Loading additional commands from:
    ECHO    %0
    ECHO Type 'DOSKEY /MACROS:ALL' to see the configured commands.
    :: to install, place this .bat script in the location you want
    :: it to reside and then run this batch script with the argument "register"
    IF "%1"=="register" (
      REG.exe ADD "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor\Autorun" /ve /t REG_SZ /d "%0" /f
      ECHO The DOS profile is registered.  Load a new command prompt and test a command.

    @Dosket Where=@for %%e in (%PATHEXT%) do @for %%i in ($*%%e) do @if NOT "%%~$PATH:i"=="" echo %%~$PATH:i

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