"Outlook 2007订约sharepoint的Task,如果TASK里分配了1个人以上就同步不下来,分配一个人却可以,报错。 RRS feed

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  • Outlook 2007订约sharepoint的Task,如果TASK里分配了1个人以上就同步不下来,分配一个人却可以,报错。

    0x80004005: Fail to copy one or more items. for details, see the log file...

    下面的LOG File:

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    - <errors>
    <error>Error mapping item #7: map entry ows_AssignedTo</error>
    <error>Error mapping item #7</error>
    2007年8月1日 8:34



  • MOSS里面是不允许一条任务分配对象为多个人的。

    2007年8月1日 9:00
  • I just finished a long troubleshooting session with Microsoft support and they were able to confirm that this is a BUG in the integration between SP and Outlook. If you change the number of "assign to" people to just one person or group it will synchronize OK. We will have to wait on a hotfix from MS on this problem.  I hope this helps other people from wasting their time troubleshooting.
    2009年2月23日 22:44