sspicli.dll - File missing or corrupted on server 2008 R2 - SOLUTION / RESOLVED RRS feed

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  • I have encountered situation when out of the blue my server services stopped. When I remote-desc. logged in, the popup window showed up telling me that the file "sspicli.dll" is missing! After some investigation I found out the file is present but corrupted beyond repair. Additionaly it was imposible to rename, move, delete, zip, repair, revert form archive or anything else to recover and/or replace the file.


    1) download the original sspicli.dll file (it should have about 95kb) if you do not have it I made it available sspicli.dll Download  (Note for Microsoft: I hope this doesn't violate MS rights, if so, please let me know and I will remove)

    2) make sure you set/change your permissions for the SysWOW64 folder (where the sspicli.dll resides) so you act as the administrator (master)

    3) open comand-prompt, get to the root i.e.:    c:\>

    4) execute the repair/scan internal tool (part of your win distribution) as follows:

    SFC.EXE /scanfile=c:\windows\SysWOW64\sspicli.dll

    5) this labels the file as corrupted and new (most likely empty) file of the same name is created 

    6) replace this recreated sspicli.dll file with the new one you downloaded

    7) restart the system

    I hope this could help someone to save some time :)

    Additionally - a security tip- make sure you restrict you remote-desktop conection to only those IP addresses you know!!!! 

    This is done through your outbound rules in your firewall. I learned the hard way :)

    Peace :>

    2012年2月11日 20:31