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    1.A Cisco IP solution prospect currently has a PBX voice solution that is in the middle of its life cycle. IP telephony can still deliver a positive ROI for this prospect, but adopting it will require a focus on the business value that IP applications can deliver. Which selling strategy describes this situation?
    A: emergency intervention
    B: up-sell
    C: disruption
    D: strategy change
    Correct Answers: C

    2.What are two common types of legacy equipment through which a Cisco VG248 Analog Phone Gateway allows customers to connect to Cisco IP telephony systems? (Choose two.)
    ATongue Tiedoftphones
    C:voice-mail systems
    D:mail servers
    ETongue Tiedtorage area networks
    Correct Answers: B, C

    3.Which two baseline discovery questions would be most appropriate to ask a telecommunications manager? (Choose two.)
    A:How do you currently track the productivity of your employees?
    B:Would simplifying the combination of voice applications with other business systems reduce the complexity of your IP infrastructure?
    C:How many employees currently require training on your existing telecommunications infrastructure?
    D o you anticipate a need to integrate distributed business entities in the next two to three years?
    E:Is it important for you to generate new revenue streams?
    Correct Answers: B, D

    4.What is a key benefit of a converged solution for many organizations?

    A: controls the high service costs that discourage network moves, adds, and changes
    B: reduces reliance on switch technology
    C: significantly reduces the TCO of voice networks in the short term
    D: combines all data and voice networks under one system
    Correct Answers: A

    5.To find out if the customer is experiencing problems with its IP-enabled PBX because of an overtaxed TDM bus, which question is the best to ask?
    A: Are you experiencing a delay in receiving a dial tone or is there no dial tone at all?
    B: Is the sound quality of your calls becoming increasingly worse?
    C: Are you unable to make long-distance calls at certain times of the day?
    D: Are you experiencing any echoing noise during calls?
    Correct Answers: A

    6.Which two business challenges are most relevant to enterprise customers investigating networking technologies? (Choose two.)
    A:reduction of operating expenses
    B:increased revenues
    C:retention of existing hardware
    D:retention of applications
    E:limited extension mobility
    Correct Answers: A, B

    7.A large retail catalog business wants to route customer information with customer calls and reduce queuing times. Its call centers currently operate on a legacy ACD system, PBX, and desktop applications. Which Cisco product and feature, respectively, would meet these needs?
    A: Cisco CallManager Express and Cisco SRST
    B: Cisco Unity and Cisco ICM
    C: Cisco IP Contact Center and IVR
    D: Cisco IP Contact Center and Cisco ICM
    Correct Answers: D

    8.The operations manager from a prospective client organization has expressed an interest in improving order processes and the ability to make accurate forecasts. The finance manager is eager to reduce the TCO of the existing IP communications infrastructure, and the IT manager would like to improve network reliability and streamline the delivery of end-user support. Given this scenario, which business driver is most appropriate to sell a Cisco IP Communications solution?
    A: reduce operating costs
    B: increase revenue generation
    C: facilitate future expansion
    D: reduce the number of employees
    Correct Answers: A

    9.Read the customer objection and choose the best response.

    Chief financial officer: Convergence sounds good in theory. What exactly does it give me, though? I want to talk in terms of business justification.
    A: Convergence is just one of several tangible benefits that you realize in terms of cost savings in the near term.
    B: Convergence can empower a business to reduce infrastructure, staffing, and facilities costs to produce a quick ROI.
    C: Convergence will enable your organization to run highly customized reports across multiple systems.
    D: Convergence is the direction in which the market is going; it makes more sense to do it sooner rather than later.
    Correct Answers: B

    10.A Cisco converged IP environment consists of four layers, including the client layer, the services layer, and the applications layer. What is the fourth layer of the IP environment?
    A: hub layer
    B: data network layer
    C: infrastructure layer
    D: hardware layer
    Correct Answers: C


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