在安装sccm 2012的时候,需要安装BITS,请问安装BITS的作用是什么? RRS feed


  • BITS is a component of IIS that manages file transfers in a more advanced manner than a
    standard copy job. When the ConfigMgr client requests files from BITS, BITS handles the
    transfer asynchronously, freeing the ConfigMgr client to move on to other tasks. Being
    bandwidth-sensitive, BITS continuously monitors the available bandwidth during the
    transfer and throttles the transfer as required. Though BITS can help manage bandwidth,
    it only monitors the local NIC—it does not monitor the bandwidth of the network.

    In addition, BITS supports checkpoint restarts. If a network connection is lost during
    transfer, BITS stops the transfer and resumes where it left off after the connection is available

    2013年11月19日 14:51