How can I change windows security login in Windows 10, removing the domain? RRS feed

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  • I need to visit a customer website. The username "vpn-69" is provided by customer. As I go to the website in IE11, it pops up "windows security". But you can see the DOMAIN AD*** is automatically prepended(1st pic).

    This fails the login. I can click “Use a different account" and input ".\vpn-69" but it adds HIBESL148695 which is my PC hostname(2nd pic).
    Neitherway, as long as there is a domain added, it fails login.
    I am pretty sure this is root cause, because I tried another PC, the "Windows security" is different(3rd pic). I can successfully login with directly inputing vpn-69, and without the domainname.

    I also tried modify windows credential manager. I remove the domain in credential manager, but as I go back to the website, it still pops up windows security with domain prepended.

    Is there setting in group policy that can change this "windows security" and remove the domain? Thanks, Jie
    2020年6月11日 3:22


  • Hi jie,

    Have you tried to clear IE cache in IE settings?

    Add “.\” is to use the local account, "." is your computer name, so I confused that it still didn't work.

    Also try to set default login domain

    Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon called “Assign a default domain for logon“. Enable this policy, enter your domain’s name and you are finished.


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    2020年6月11日 11:15