Why outlook receive two same E-mails from the same sender at the same time? RRS feed

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  • Could someone help on this issue?

    One domain user received two same external E-mails from the same sender at the same time every time.

    Use Outlook 2003 client and Exchange 2010 server.

    There is no mail rules for this user, and the domain user is in the "to" list and in the "cc" of mail group.

    Client settings seems OK, how should I do to find the reason and resolve it? Thanks!

    2011年5月27日 3:02


  • Hi,

    Does this user got forwarding feature?

    Only this user or all user?

    On the other hand, would you please also cross check when the user login in OWA, does she/he got t he same issue?




    come from Hong Kong, 如果问题得到解决,请标记为答复; 如果问题没有解决,请继续跟帖讨论。
    2011年5月27日 8:20
  • Could you tell me what is "forwarding feature", where shall I find it?

    Yes, only this user has this problem, her mailbox address is been sent in the "to" item and also in "cc" item included in the mail group, but I think this is not the reason.

    She uses mailbox as default to send/receive mails, so in OWA is the same situation as in outlook.


    2011年5月30日 6:43