[Help]Windows 7 explorer crash about 5 minutes one time? RRS feed

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  • OS: Windows 7 Home Edition

    1,Start my windows 7 home edition;

    2,Operation my folder open or close;

        Ctrl+R can get the running dialog;

    3,The folder can't open via double click after about 5 minutes;

       Only open it via right click the floder and select the "Open"

       Ctrl+R get nothing dialog;

    I try to solve it as blow:

    1: Scan the virus,but find nothing;

    2:Scan the trojan, but find nothing;

    So I have no idea about it now!!

    • 已编辑 iamcxl 2012年10月20日 16:55 give more information
    2012年10月20日 16:47


  •          Process Explorer.exe view the detail:

             Explorer.exe eat the memory 4M/minutes !!!

    • 已标记为答案 iamcxl 2012年10月24日 4:27
    2012年10月23日 10:28