Windows 2012 R2中NIC Teaming的新负载均衡算法:"动态"代表什么意思? RRS feed

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  • 在Windows 2012中的“负载平衡模式”只有“Address Hash”和"Hyper-V Port",而在Windows 2012 R2中新增了“动态”,这种模式是怎么工作的?

    2014年10月24日 1:19


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    • Dynamic.

          This algorithm takes the best aspects of each of the other two modes and combines them into a single mode. 

          Outbound loads are distributed based on a hash of the TCP Ports and IP addresses.  Dynamic mode also rebalances loads in real time so that a given outbound flow may move back and forth between team members.

            Inbound loads are distributed as though the Hyper-V port mode was in use.  

    The outbound loads in this mode are dynamically balanced based on the concept of flowlets.  Just as human speech has natural breaks at the ends of words and sentences, TCP flows (TCP communication streams) also have naturally occurring breaks.  The portion of a TCP flow between two such breaks is referred to as a flowlet.  When the dynamic mode algorithm detects that a flowlet boundary has been encountered, i.e., a break of sufficient length has occurred in the TCP flow, the algorithm will opportunistically rebalance the flow to another team member if apropriate.  The algorithm may also periodically rebalance flows that do not contain any flowlets if circumstances require it.    As a result the affinity between TCP flow and team member can change at any time as the dynamic balancing algorithm works to balance the workload of the team members.



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