Bitlocker problemmmm


  • Hi. I encrypted my portable HDD on win 10 with bitlocker.

    Now I have win 7 ultimate, and I can't open my portable HDD on it.

    When I tape the password it says "Unable to complit the requested operation because of either catastrophic media failure or data structure corruption on the disk "

    I suposse that bitlocker on Win 10 and Win 7 are not compatible.

    What should I do? Is there any solution except to remove password on win 10?

    2018年5月9日 10:30


  • Hi,

    I suspect it's due to using a Windows 10 computer and the new more secure version of BitLocker Encryption which is not Windows 7 compatible.

    The XTS-AES encryption was released with the 1511 update for Windows 10, which isn't backward compatible with previous versions of Windows.

    If you plug the portable HDD back to your Windows 10 and run the Manage-bde command what encryption does it give you?

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    2018年5月9日 21:41
  • I have no more windows 10 on my laptop. I'll find someone who have it and i'll try...

    Thank you for trying to help me out.

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    2018年5月9日 22:25
  • By default, for removable drives, XTS_AES is not used, but AES_CBC, which win7 understands. Even if XTS was used (you'd have to change that on prupose as it's not the default), you would not be getting that error message, but simply "password incorrect".

    Do the suggested check (manage-bde -status x:) on any win10 system, and if indeed XTS_AES is used, decrypt and re-encrypt this time with the default settings which will be understood by win7.


    Please note, that it could as well be a problem with your USB drive controller on the win7 machine. Some don't understand large hard drives (bigger than 2 TB) and simply throw wild error messages when using those. So if your laptop (win7) is old, that could be the problem.

    2018年5月10日 13:35