DPM2012 还原Exchange2010邮箱数据库失败 RRS feed

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    当需要从备份磁带恢复邮件数据库到邮件服务器的RDB恢复专用数据库时,初期可以进行,但是2,3个小时以后报错说恢复失败。DPM服务器的报错日志如下,Exchange服务器没有报错。这种恢复以前顺利进行过2此,这次一直报An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host。Internet搜索不到有效的解决方法。



    Affected area: DAG1-DB01

    Occurred since:        2013/11/29 19:45:48

    Description:     The recovery jobs for Exchange Mailbox Database DAG1-DB01 that started at 2013年11月29日 18:06:48, with the destination of XXXXX.XXX.XXX, have completed. Most or all jobs failed to recover the requested data. (ID 3111)

             (ID 2019 Details: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host (0x80072746))

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    Recommended action:   

             On the Jobs tab in the Monitoring tasks area, group jobs by type to view details of the recovery jobs.

             Retry the recovery job...

    Resolution:       DPM automatically changes this alert's status to inactive 10 days after it is issued.To dismiss the alert, click below


    2013年12月5日 13:17