How to retrieve the Exchange Management Shell RRS feed

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  • I have Exchange 2007 on the Exchange Management Shell.
    Because OWA out time 440. Need to use the Exchange Management Shell to re-create the OWA. Experts advise SOS

    2013年5月21日 8:57



  • 打不开无法打开。下面两个链接

    再加上。我的服务器上Exchange Management Shell找不到了。我要重新如何添加Exchange Management Shell


    Exchange Management Shell来运行的!我现在要如何让Exchange Management Shell出现呀。

    Not open can not be opened. The following two links

    Plus. Exchange Management Shell can not find my server. I want to re how to add the Exchange Management Shell

    Or are of no use. Have to go through because you sent to the

    Exchange Management Shell to run! I now how in the Exchange Management Shell Yeah.

    2013年5月21日 14:19
  • 您好,

    那您的问题是打不开exchange management shell,


    另外一种方法重新安装 管理工具,不过这个是32位,你注意的OS类型

    The 64 bit tools are installed from the Exchange 2007 DVD or .ISO file. 

    You can download the free PowerGUI: 

    And, add the PowerGUI Exchange 2007 Power Pack: 

    第三方方法检查你的exchange 程序目录,

    The Exchange Management Shell should be in the Exchange server program folder.

    You can use the windows powershell and then import the exchange cmdlets in here.

    PowerShell.exe -command ". 'D:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\bin\RemoteExchange.ps1'

    2013年5月22日 0:13
  • Hello, I am a 2003 Enterprise 64-bit system.
    Need a fresh install or load the Exchange Management Shell
    I see that you gave me PowerGU software. I do not know how to use. Is not this software can be
    Retrieve Exchange Management Shell?
    Is not possible to install the package from EXCHANGE 2007 found that Exchange Management Shell to install or how to operate it, I was a novice do not understand a lot of things, please forgive me.
    Now online find EXCHANG 2007 64-bit systems ISO image package
    There extract the package. Do not know if use! Can you leave your example QQ, MSN chat tools to help when you can remotely Thank! Thank you once again novice rookie help!

    需要从新安装或加载Exchange Management Shell
    找回Exchange Management Shell?
    是不是可以从EXCHANGE 2007安装包中找到那个Exchange Management Shell程序安装一下还是如何操作,我是一个新手很多东西不懂,请你原谅。
    现在网上找不到EXCHANG 2007 的64位系统ISO镜像包
    有解压包。不知道可不可以用!能不能留下你的例如QQ ,MSN聊天工具方面到时候可以远程帮助谢谢!新手菜鸟再次感谢的你帮助!

    2013年5月22日 8:07
  • 您好,

    可以使用可以从EXCHANGE 2007安装包中找到那个Exchange Management Shell程序安装一下还是如何操作。具体安装包抱歉我无法提供。见谅。

    2013年5月22日 23:08
  • 谢谢我下载一个EXCHANGE 2007安装包。不知道Exchange Management Shell程序在安装包中那个路径。不知道安装好能不能用还有

    And, add the PowerGUI Exchange 2007 Power Pack: 

    第三方方法检查你的exchange 程序目录,这个程序是不是跟Exchange Management Shell程序一样。还是如何使用因为现在要先用Exchange Management Shell里面


    2013年5月23日 4:03
  • 我找到了那个Exchange Management Shell程序谢谢!
    2013年5月23日 8:47
  • 谢谢及时反馈。
    2013年5月23日 11:33