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    1. You setup three Intranet web sites and set them to use host headers. How do users find them?
    A Modify Hosts files to the server B Modify Hosts files to all the clients
    C Modify Lmhost files to all the clients D Modify Wins Server

    2. What must you do if you want to find all unfiltered files?
    a @contents= unflitered b @ unfiltered = TRUE
    c Tun srchenu.exe d List noise word file

    3. How can you maximize the performance if you using SSL?
    A Add more Ram B Increase CPU
    C Fast HD D Use SSL certificate

    4. What is the easiest way to find how many 32K objects have HTML extensions?
    A Import a log file to an excel spread sheet B Site Server
    C Use NT Explorer to search the web site DIR D Use FTP

    5. You want to decrease the amount of TAM that index sever uses. Choose 2 ?
    A Increase number of Word List B Decrease number of Word List

    C Increase size o f Word List D Decrease size of Word List

    6.-What IIS entries would be stored in the IIS Metabase. Select 2
    A) Location of the IIS help files B) Virtual Folder security information
    C) Home Directory permissions D) Index Server settings
    E) Site Server Express settings

    7.- You currently store NNTP files in a single virtual directory on a single RAID 5 disk array. How can you improve performance ?
    A) Create additional virtual folders on the single disk array
    B) Create additional virtual folders on multiple disk arrays
    C) Move the virtual folder location onto a non RAID 5 disk

    8- -You want to enable logging of your web site. What option should you choose to allow the lowest processing overhead.
    A) Normal Text Log B) Compressed Normal Text Log
    C) Logging to a SQL database D) Logging to a remote SQL database

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