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  • DPM 2010备份HyperV虚拟机时提示如下错误:

    DPM 未能修正“某虚拟机”上“备份文件路径”的备份之后的VHD父定位符。您的恢复点虽然有效,但您无法使用恢复点执行项目级恢复。(ID 3130)

    已在DPM 服务器上安装了HyperV组件,问题依旧,请问怎么解决,谢谢!

    • 已移动 许珈毓 2010年7月9日 3:04 SCDPM (发件人:服务器虚拟化)
    2010年7月5日 11:19


  • All, I see this error when I perform a backup of a Win2k3 VM running under
    Windows 2008 Hyper-V. This is the full error:
    DPM failed to fixup VHD parent locator post backup for Backup Using Child
    Partition Snapshot\d2i-Credit on Your recovery point is
    valid, but you will be unable to perform item-level recoveries using this
    recovery point. (ID: 3130)
    Here is the kicker: the resolution steps instruct you to load the Hyper-V
    role on the DPM server (yes you are reading this right) and do a
    sync/consistency check. I do not find anything anywhere about needing to load
    Hyper-V role on a DPM server. This is an issue for some clients who want to
    run DPM on a non VT-enabled server. Anyone have some insight into this error?
    2010年7月5日 11:38
  • The Hyper-V role on the DPM server is needed to perform item level recovery
    from the backed up Hyper-V VMs. Item level recovery may include recovering
    individual files/folders/volumes inside the guest OS, or the vhds of the VM
    itself. You need to have a VT-enabled machine for that with the Hyper-V role
    In case you do not want to perform item level recovery, you can ignore the
    warning. Not having the role enabled does not hamper the backup or recovery
    in any other manner whatsoever.
    2010年7月5日 11:39
  • Thank you for the informative response Angad. So that I am clear, if you
    do not install the Hyper-V role and you are backing up the VM, you can restore
    and mount the entire VM. But, you cannot drill down inside of the VM itself
    and restore an individual file within a VHD or a VHD alone. Am I correct?
    2010年7月5日 11:39