任务序列步骤"Prepare Operating System"中的任务序列"Image Capture Wizard"失败。错误代码为0x00004005. RRS feed

  • 问题

  • 用u盘(cn_windows_10_enterprise_ltsc_2019_x64_dvd_9c09ff24.iso)安装的windows 10,删除了administrator之外的本地管理员帐户,且取消了administrator密码。将捕获媒体创建的ISO写放U盘,并运行。出现 0x00004005 的错误代码

    Sysprep state set to IMAGE_STATE_COMPLETE
    The OS has not been generalized using sysprep.exe, or sysprep did not complete.
    bSysPreped, HRESULT=80004005 (prepareos.cpp,664)
    Sysprep did not complete successfully
    RunSysprep(sCmdLine, bActivate, m_bDebug, bShutdown), HRESULT=80004005 (prepareos.cpp,1522)
    Unable to sysprep the machine, hr=80004005
    pCmd->Sysprep(bActivate, bMsd, bShutdown), HRESULT=80004005 (main.cpp,289)
    Sysprep'ing the machine failed, hr=80004005
    De-Initialization successful
    Exiting with error code 16389
    Process completed with exit code 16389
    Failed to run the action: Prepare Operating System. Error 16389
    Do not send status message in full media case
    Set a global environment variable _SMSTSLastActionRetCode=16389
    Set a global environment variable _SMSTSLastActionName=Prepare Operating System
    Set a global environment variable _SMSTSLastActionSucceeded=false
    Clear local default environment
    Let the parent group (Capture the Reference Machine) decides whether to continue execution
    The execution of the group (Capture the Reference Machine) has failed and the execution has been aborted. An action failed. Error 0x80004004
    Failed to run the last action: Prepare Operating System. Result 16389. Execution of task sequence failed.
    Do not send status message in full media case

    2021年3月16日 5:14