IsolatedStorageFileStream constructor throws assert failure error in Chinese operating system RRS feed

  • 问题

  • Here is the code:

    isoFile = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForAssembly ();

    // create a writable file.
    isoStream = new IsolatedStorageFileStream(name,
    FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write, isoFile);

    catch (Exception ex)


    Event viewer Logs this message:

    Framework �汾: v4.0.30319
    ˵��: Ӧ�ó���ͨ�� System.Environment.FailFast(string message) ������ֹ���̡�
    ��Ϣ: Infinite recursion during resource lookup within mscorlib.  This may be a bug in mscorlib, or potentially in certain extensibility points such as assembly resolve events or CultureInfo names.  Resource name: Security_Generic

    The above code works in English operating system.

    2021年1月21日 7:01


  • Hi, 

    According to your description, your issue is out of this forum support scope which is mainly focus on Windows Server 2012 system issue troubleshooting instead of develop. 

    After discussed with development support engineer, I recommend to create a thread on C# forum dotnet-csharp forum, that forum will provide more available resource for you.

    I also recommend to mark this reply as answer, this action could help others search for right location more quickly, 


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