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  • I have a two node DAG with four databases and two public folder replicas, one on each mailbox server. I've been running these for over six years and never had a problem entering maintenance mode. Now, when I've manually moved all mailbox databases to node 1 and verified node 1 is also the current host server for the cluster and run the script, I get this error:

    [PS] C:\scripts\BackupNode2>.\Node2startMaintenance.ps1
    The following objects are hosted by 'Node2', before attempting to move them off: `n(Database='DB1', Reason='Copy is
     critical for redundancy according to Red Alert script') (Database='DB2', Reason='Copy is critical for redundancy accord
    ing to Red Alert script') (Database='DB3', Reason='Copy is critical for redundancy according to Red Alert script') (Data
    base='DB4', Reason='Copy is critical for redundancy according to Red Alert script'))
    [PS] C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\scripts>

    Any idea why this is now failing?

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  • Does this help?

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  • Hi blunderdog,

    This article will also be useful to you: Performing maintenance on DAG members, this article teach you how to place the DAG member into maintenance mode:

    Before performing any type of software or hardware maintenance on a DAG member, you should first remove the DAG member from service by using the StartDagServerMaintenance.ps1 script. This script moves all the active databases off the server and blocks active databases from moving to that server. The script also ensures that all critical DAG support functionality that may be on the server (for example, the Primary Active Manager (PAM) role) is moved to another server and blocked from moving back to the server. Specifically, the StartDagServerMaintenance.ps1 script performs the following tasks:

    Runs Suspend-MailboxDatabaseCopy with the ActivationOnly parameter to suspend each database copy hosted on the DAG member for activation.

    Pauses the node in the cluster, which prevents the node from being and becoming the PAM.

    Sets the value of the DatabaseCopyAutoActivationPolicy parameter on the DAG member to Blocked.

    Moves all active databases currently hosted on the DAG member to other DAG members.

    If the DAG member currently owns the default cluster group, the script moves the default cluster group (and therefore the PAM role) to another DAG member.


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