我想知道微软准备什么时候解决excel丢失数据模型这么巨大的错误 RRS feed

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  • 那么多人反映excel2016会丢失powerpivot data model,微软视而不见是什么意思?置用户利益而不顾,这个错误准备坚持多久?个人对微软这种行为表示抗议!


    Tell me that when Microsoft would solve the HUGE bug that Excel2016 gets data models lost frequently.What does MS mean when many people feedback that excel loses powerepivot data model but MS didn't see the bug's severity? Put users' rights asides? how long will you stick on this mistake?Below is the original post which demonstrates the problem. With time flies, patches and patches are applied but sill cannot get the problem disappear.

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