unable to access external HDD protected with bitlocker


  • Hi, I installed a bitlocker on an external HDD via a Surface laptop with Windows 10 Pro. I have the Id key and recovery code of the bitlocker. However, I cannot access the HDD anymore after encryption was completed although my laptop does recognise that the external HDD is plugged in. The following message appears: "The bitlocker encryption of this station is not compatible with your Windows version. Try opening the station with a newer Windows version".

    This does not make sense because I have the updated Windows 10 Pro.  

    When i get to the security via the control panel, there is only teh option to unlock drive (which is clearly not working), but not the option to enter a password or to de-install bitlocker.

    What can I do to retrieve the data on the external hard drive?

    I appreciate your help but I am not very good at dealing with IT \


    2018年7月10日 20:06


  • Update to the latest build of Windows 10

    Remove the drive from port you have it plugged into and try another port.

    Contact to the manufacturer and check for the latest updates available for the BIOS.


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    2018年7月11日 1:52