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  • 大家好,我們有一台DC+Exchange的主機,昨天重開機之後發現郵件服務有點問題,經過一番查詢之後竟然發現此台主機在DNS裡面的A紀錄不見了?!緊急新增一筆紀錄之後才恢復正常,請問一下在甚麼情況下會發生這種問題呢?實在是想不透。
    2012年11月24日 上午 02:02


  • Hi

    預設情況下Tracking DNS Record是不會開啟的,比較常見的原因是動態更新的關係

    如果您要Audit DNS Record的話,您可以參考這篇文章去開啟Tracking DNS Record Deletion


    885279 Net Logon policies are not applied on a high-speed computer that is a Windows Server 2003-based domain controller    
    306602 How to optimize the location of a domain controller or global catalog that resides outside of a client's site    
    267855 Problems with many domain controllers with Active Directory integrated DNS zones    
    953317 A primary DNS zone file may not transfer to the secondary DNS servers in Windows Server 2008    
    2520155 DNS Host record of a computer is deleted after you change the DNS server assignment

    Best Regards, Daniel Liang

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