outlook 2007 (english) new message subject could not support JP & FR language? RRS feed

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  • I've installed office 2007, found there is a bug:


    under outlook 2007 / new message / subject: could not entre Japanese & French language? someone could help? thanks.

    2007年8月23日 上午 09:23


  • First: Please tell us which OS you are using

    I am using an English version Vista + Office 2007 En /w MUI but I can use the MS IME to input the Japanese without this issue or could you please try to copy the content in the subject?

    but i can sure that this not a BUG~分かりますか?


    2007年8月24日 上午 09:47
  • hi hourin,


    yes, I am using Chinese version window XP, but with Office 2007 English version.

    well, under outlook, new message / subject, I did try to use copy and paste, but result is same: could not display correctly in Japanese & France. Also, under subject, I could not shift my keyboard language to JP & FR, but it is OK to shift to CH. Therefore, under CH & EN is all OK, but failed in JP & FR... 

    appreciate your help, thanks.



    2007年8月24日 上午 10:02
  • or, let me describe more deatiled,


    under subject: I could not shift entre from CH to FR - United State-Dvorak (國際)


    but, while I shift entre to CH - United State-Dvorak (國際)

    subject: to entre - être, it is correct.

    but in message, it will display like - être - which is incorrect.


    note: to entre ê under CH-United State-Dvorak (國際) is shift+6 and e


    pls advise, thanks.



    2007年8月24日 上午 10:24
  • by the way, the incorrect  être


    thus, when I shift to CH-United Stated-Dvorak try to entre ê, I type: shift+6 and e, sudendly such e becomes 新細明體 and display incorrect like être which should be être.



    2007年8月24日 上午 10:34