Cannot connect more than 5 Users remotely RRS feed

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  • I really hope you guys can help me out.  We just purchased server 2003 Small Business Premium, for our Fire Department, to run reporting software and have intramail via Microsoft exchange.  Everything is working fine, however we also purchased 10 more CAL licenses on top of the 5 that came with the silver box.

    So I have 15 CAL's and I've activated them.  However; I can not connect more than 5 computers to the server at once.  We are using windows VPN to connect to the server, as it's housed in the county building down the street.  Also our outside stations VPN into it to do their reporting and get at the share folders, and thier email.

    Like I said I can get 5 on and the 6th will not connect, If I drop the 5th the 6th will get on immediately.  I've looked up and down on the internet for a solution, even called microsoft.  I wasn't aware of the fees that went with tech support.  To close I hope one of you guys or gals that really know this stuff, can help me out.   I'd really appreciate it.

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  • You guys can discontinue this thread or archive it.  Friend of mine from Toronto helped me out.  It was in the Remote Access Clients, in the Properties for the Ports, they were set to only 5 allowable, they are now all at the 15 as per the CAL's we have.  Everything is a GO!
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