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  • Hello, I'm new to the whole server world. I am considering puchasing a copy of SBS 2003, as I'm particularly interested in the RWW feature.

    As I can't afford to buy each of my individual employee's a PC to connect to remotly, I was wondering if you can use RWW with virtual machines, so they all connect to one PC/Server with lots of virtuals on it.

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  • So, nobody has the answer to this?
    2009年3月10日 下午 11:37
  • Hi Leyton,

    Yes, you can install Microsoft Virtual Server on your SBS box and host one or more virtual machines.  I have this configuratoin running on serveral machines for clients.  Unfortunately, however, hardware resources limit how many virtual machines you will be able to efficiently run.  Firstly, SBS 2003 has a 4 GB RAM limit.  With virtual machines you want as little page file (virtual memory) usage as possible, so Windows XP virtual machines should be allocated 1 GB of RAM each.  If you leave 2 GB for the SBS box and its applications, that means you can only host 2 virtual systems without dragging the server into a crawl.

    Do your employees have workstations in the office?  They can connect to these via RWW.

    -Dylan Hall
    2009年4月10日 上午 07:57
  • Well, I would need 50 people to be able log on at any point.

    I have workstations that some of them work on, but only 3 as they are used by the management staff. Unfortunately only one of them was kitted out with XP, as we found that it hindered their work (because they were using Linux modified programs). So the other 2 are on Ubuntu 8.10.

    If I put a Linux Distro on the Virtual Server would I be able to fit more, would it work???

    I ask this because Ubuntu only needs 36MB of RAM to run, and works well on 84MB.

     -Leyton Reed
    2009年4月10日 下午 12:00