How to manually check the integrity of WRP protected files and registry keys? RRS feed

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  • I installed Win7 64-bit Home Premium. I tried SFC first, but, from SFC log file I can't tell which files have been checked. Then, I ran Sigverif, it gave me a list of checked files, but some kernel level files are missing. Finally, Sigcheck will thoroughly scan all files in the specified directory and check for unsigned files. Sigcheck seems perfect at one time but still not goes without any problems. For example,

    1. I was able to replace a medium-integrity-level dll file in [system32] directory with a fake one, and Sigcheck will simply skip it without reporting any problem. Not sure why Windows Resource Protection didn't work.

    2. I can't find "Digitial Signature" tab in the File Property of [system32/browser.dll] from Explorer, but Sigcheck reported this file is signed on 2009/7/14. Why is this Digital Signature discrepancy?

    2011年4月15日 下午 12:45