Open sharepoint Page in IFrame


  • Hi,

    I have a senario explained below:

    I have a sharepoint site that is configured with FBA (using LDAP). I have a seperate .Net application that is using form authentication (LDAP)  . I am showing sharepoint site page in IFrame of .Net application. Once I Login to .Net application after that when I open the .Net application page that contains IFrame (sharepoint site url) than it (sharepoint page inside IFrame) ask for login details again . I dont want to login to sharepoint site as i have already logined in .Net application.

    I want to skip login process as i have already login to .net application.



    2012年3月16日 下午 04:24


  • Hi Kamal,

    You must have used the same authentication provider to suppress the second login dialog box.If both are same.Use IE settings add the .NET application url or Sharepoint URL as trusted sites.

    Murugesa Pandian.,MCTS|App.Devleopment|Configure

    2012年3月16日 下午 04:37
  • Thanks Murugesa,

    we have a same authentication provider , but for .net it is configured in web.config (.net Application). for sharepoint it is configured in sharepoint web.config. If i login in .net than it has to take same login for sharepoint iframe without asking credential details.

    Just want to know how sharepoint wil take that details automatically.



    2012年3月17日 上午 02:19
  • Can you open your .net application without login credential ? If yes open your sharepoint site on second IE tab or window.
    If sharepoint also shows login dialog box,then you need to put your sharepoint site url and .net application url in the "Trusted sites List" of your IE and set "Secuirty Level " as Low.

    Its obvious reason for FBA, SharePoint need to identify the "Authentication Provider" before serving the request.

    Murugesa Pandian.,MCTS|App.Devleopment|Configure

    2012年3月17日 上午 03:12
  • I am implementing this , just let me check.. thnks
    2012年3月19日 上午 04:29
  • It is asking for Login details.. when i am opening sharepoint page in IFrame.

    2012年3月23日 上午 03:50
  • Did you find a solution to this Kamal?
    2013年7月4日 下午 02:32