LAN Computers Unable to find path to server ( SBS 2003) folders & files. Computers and Server can all access internet and ping each other. RRS feed

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  • Had an ATT modem go bad Wednesday. They replaced it on Friday. ATT tech set up modem in bridge mode. Linksys techs reset the server to obtain ip automatically (rather than the static mode it had been previously set) then reset the router. Everything was working.


    Sunday, I had to reboot server to do the ACT database backup. When restarted, all computers could still see the internet but now nobody could see the 3 server folders: S:\Sylvan Dell, T:\ Databases, or Q:\Quickbooks.


    This morning I was troubleshooting and went to confirm modem mode. Was getting red internet light on modem which ATT tech says confirms bridged mode. I don’t recall changing anything but modem reset to DHCP (I think) and the green internet light displayed. The XP computer hard wired to the modem could see the internet but no joy for any computer going through the router. Linksys tech reset the router to DHCP and now am back to all computers able to access the internet but no computers can see the server. Computers can ping the server.


    Feels like a firewall issue but have shutoff every firewall I can think of with no joy. So, am back to server settings? Does SBS have to be in Static Mode with fixed IP address or is Obtain IP automatically OK? Appreciate any help. Thanks, Lee

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  • Hi Lee,

    This seems like a DNS issue. You say the router acts as DHCP server? You should disable this on the router and enable it on the server instead. In DHCP server configuration make sure the routers IP address is set as default gateway but set DNS to your DNS server.

    Best wishes,
    2009年4月4日 下午 01:43
  • You should run the CEICW wizard. It sounds like they messed up your DNS settings and possibly more.

    Kerry Brown MS-MVP - Windows Desktop Experience
    2009年4月6日 上午 04:48
  • Hi Lee,

    Firstly, please verify that the workstations NICs have your SBS box as their DNS server.

    When you say that the workstations can ping the server, do you mean by IP address, or by name?  If you have confirmed that you can ping your server by its IP address, please also trying pinging the server by name  (at the command prompt, ping Server_Name where Server_Name is the name of your server).  Also, when the users enter their credentials, is there a long delay before they are logged on?

    The correct configuration for an SBS box is that it is using a static IP address on its LAN-side NIC.  This is that address that you should see in DNS configuration for your workstations.

    Hope that helps,

    Dylan Hall

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    2009年4月10日 上午 07:22