客戶端會常常換地方辦公若使用SCCM做軟體派送會有異常 RRS feed

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    • 客戶端會常常換地方辦公每個辦公區網段不同,在派送SCCM Client或Hotfix時會發現在DNS上會有多筆記錄。若將DHCP保留時間DNS清除記錄時間縮短,擔心因為DNS清除記錄太過頻繁會造成DC抄寫效能問題,想請問一下針對移動客戶部署SCCM有沒有比較好的建議
    • 當伺服器在派送軟體時,SCCM在派發軟體,尋找客戶端機器IP是透過DNS解析派送還是透過SCCM資料庫記錄進行派送 




    2011年5月27日 上午 02:50


  • client deploymnet is different from patch deployment:

    1. Client deployment: SCCM discovers AD computer objects and try to connect clients via naming resolution from eith DNS or WINS. The agent will be pushed and installaed once the connection established.
    2. Patch deploymnet: SCCM client agent pulling the policy in defined interval of time from SCCM server, then perform the  action to download and install patch.


    Basically, i would recommend shorting and updating the DNS record by enabling the scavenging the client out date record from DNS server.


    Ryan, MCT/ MCITP~~~
    2011年6月20日 上午 06:05