Export attachment from SP 2010 to SQL Server


  • CAVEAT: This was all done by an external party before I started with the company.

    We have a sharepoint list (source) that is exported to a sql server database table (destination) in order to perform reporting (reporting services). The reason this was done was to for the manager to interpret the column naming in a more friendly way than that of the sharepoint naming convention (int2, int4, float5 etc in source) to rego,driver name,rental cost etc in destination.

    Basically the list is made up of all of the vehicles in our service department and their current allocation to jobs.

    The current process is completed using a sql server agent job.


    There is now a need to export any attachments (all pictures of said vehicles) from the source to sql server destination.

    1. Ho do I copy an item from the sharepoint list to the sql server table?

    2. Where do I find the list attachments in the sharepoint database?

    Any guidance would be appreciated,


    2012年6月14日 上午 06:05


  • You cannot directly program against the SharePoint databases as this is unsupported (even reading from them is unsupported as you may be introducing locks).

    You can, however, use the SharePoint Object Model to extract the data and then port it to your own database, but have you looked at SQL Server Reporting Services integrated with SharePoint?  This supports reporting against SharePoint List data directly.

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    2012年6月14日 下午 05:49