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  • Dear Sirs,

    Our company implemented share point 2010 to be our document manage tool. The vendor who help us set the system warned there will be privilege problem in the future. For example my manager's account exists two AD group and one AD group is reader and the other is editor.   Share Point will show reader and sometimes will show editor in the future, and it will affect all user's privilege.  Is it true?

    Would you kindly reply us? It let us worry about situation in the future. 

    Best regards & Thanks.

    Jassy Liu

    2012年12月24日 上午 09:04



  • not true.

    The following image is permission check of my account.

    My account exists in 3 AD groups.(marked in red).

    SharePoint shows "all my permissions" all the time.

    How your vendor make it "sometimes" show with different permissions? (qualify vendor?)


    • 已提議為解答 Oscar Lai 2012年12月26日 上午 02:18
    2012年12月26日 上午 02:17
  • Really thanks for your kindly reply.


    2013年1月2日 上午 09:24