WINDOWS 2000 SP4 域服務器更新到 WINDOWS2003 SP2的問題 RRS feed

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  • 今天把服務器更新到WINDOWS2003 經過網上多方面的資料后,還是無法解決,請大家給給方案。


    D:\I386>adprep /forestprep


    Before running adprep, all Windows 2000 domain controllers in the forest should
    be upgraded to Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1) with QFE 265089, or to Windows
    2000 SP2 (or later).

    QFE 265089 (included in Windows 2000 SP2 and later) is required to prevent poten
    tial domain controller corruption.

    For more information about preparing your forest and domain see KB article Q3311
    61 at

    [User Action]
    If ALL your existing Windows 2000 domain controllers meet this requirement, type
     C and then press ENTER to continue. Otherwise, type any other key and press ENT
    ER to quit.

    Adprep was unable to extend the schema.
    There is a schema conflict with Exchange 2000. The schema is not upgraded.
    [User Action]
    The schema conflict must be resolved before running adprep. Resolve the schema c
    onflict, allow the change to replicate between all replication partners, and the
    n run Adprep. For information on resolving the conflict, see Microsoft Knowledge
     Base article Q325379.

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.SHZ>ldifde -i -f inetorgpersonprevent.ld
    f -v -c DC=X "dc=xxxxx,dc=com"
    Connecting to ""
    Logging in as current user using SSPI
    Importing directory from file "inetorgpersonprevent.ldf"
    Loading entries
    1: CN=ms-Exch-Assistant-Name,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,dc=xxxxx,dc=com

    Add error on line 1: Referral
    The server side error is "A referral was returned from the server."
    0 entries modified successfully.
    An error has occurred in the program


    2011年6月17日 上午 02:13