Windows always restarts RRS feed

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  • sorry for I can not type chinese characters here because I am in Sweden and something wrong with my computer, so I want your great help.

    my problem is (i try to catch some chinese and describe specifically)

    this morning i open my computer and it reopens repeatedly, so i press F8 to enter into the safe mode to

    check the eventlog and discovered something wrong but i do not how to solve


    事件類型: *****
     事件來源: *****
     事件類別目錄: *****
     事件識別碼: *****
     日期: 2007/1/28
     時間: *****
     使用者: N/A
     電腦: *****
     描述:(I try to translate to english)
    the application progarms can not be loaded into system when opening or system starts, such as







    Please help me solve this problem, thanks!!

    2007年1月28日 上午 11:20


  • You need to post full event log which do not use "*".

    include the evetn id error id .

    Without that it's very hard to check the error.

    and Wich OS that you used? XP / Windows 2000

    2007年1月29日 下午 01:58