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  • 我嘗試用 notebook 駁 2008 Server WDS 去取得 Image,但出現以下問題:

    CLIENT IP: xx.xx.xx.xx MASK:xx.xx.xx.xx DHCP IP:xx.xx.xx.xx

    Downloaded WDSNBP...
    Architecture: x64
    Contacting Server:xx.xx.xx.xx
    TFTP Download: Boot\x64\pxeboot.com

    Press F12 for network service boot

    但我們 Client 其實是用 32bit Windows XP 的,我應該怎樣做呢?

    2010年7月21日 下午 04:40


  • Hi,

    This information tells that the architecture discovery has been enabled on the WDS server,
    so the wdsnbp.com is downloaded and, wdsnbp.com discovers your machine as 64-bit architecture.

    From the above information, your machine is 64-bit architecture.
    However, this doesn't prevent you from installing 32-bit operating systems,
    if you didn't set the default boot image for x64 architecture and if you don't
    want to perform the unattended installation.

    You can try this:

    1.    Add the 32-bit Windows Server 2008 boot.wim into the Boot Image store.
    2.    Add your 32-bit Windows XP image into the Install Image store.
    3.    Boot your computer, press F12 after you are asked to. Press any key immediately after you press F12. Then you will see the page which ask you to choose an operating system to start (even if you have only one boot image).
    4.    Choose the x86 version of operating system and follow the wizard.

    Additionally, there are some limitations you should pay attention to when you deploy Windows XP image:

    Deploying Earlier Versions of Windows:



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