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  • 如果GPO 中Computer setting 和user setting 有Conflict 的
    最後會係Computer overwrite user 定係user overwrite computer 架?

    我一直認為是Computer overwrite user (70-291 的書)
    但是今日看70-294 書就說是 user overwrite computer

    in this book it said :
    if a setting is specified for a user as well as computer at the same GPO level,
    the computer setting always applies when it conflicts with a user settings

    Link :

    This Book said:
    if a user setting and a computer setting conflict, the computer setting is usually the winner regardless of the order in which the GPOs are applied

    Link :
    and the other said :
    if there is conflict between the computer and user settings, the user settings will take effect. if ,for instance, a desktop setting is applied for the computer policy and different default desktop is applied for the user policy.
    the one specified in the user policy will take effect, this is because the user settings are more specific, and they allow systems administrators to make changes for individual user, regardless of the computer they're using

    2009年6月3日 上午 05:11