WLBS Cluster Is Unreachable RRS feed

  • 問題

  • Environment:

    OS:Windows 2003 standard server

    A server;

    B server;

    C server

    A & B server NLB <=>


    A cluster address can be reached from other computers on the remote subnet as the cluster, but computers on the same subnets cannot ping the cluster address.

    1. A server ping B server  =>Fail.
    2. A server ping C server =>OK.
    3. B server ping A server =>Fail.
    4. B server ping C server =>Fail.
    5. B server ping Default Gateway =>OK.
    6. The same subnets ping B server =>Fail.
    7. The different subnets ping B server =>OK.

    How to resolve the issue??

    2007年3月7日 上午 09:26