MOM server 無法在遠端電腦安裝代理程式 RRS feed

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  • 大家好:我嘗試安裝代理程式到遠端電腦卻出現以下訊息,無法安裝成功。


    MOM 伺服器無法在遠端電腦 scrbtwkao200.CRB.APMOLLER.NET上安裝代理程式。
    錯誤碼: -2147024891
    錯誤說明: Access is denied.
    Microsoft 安裝程式錯誤說明: 沒有可用的描述


    查閱一下MOM agent必須要開啟RPC port (TCP135) and DCOM port range to communicate with agentless managed computer。請教我該如何檢查是否開啟上述兩個ports。謝謝!


    2007年7月10日 上午 06:40


  • From the remote computer(where you want to install MOM agent), you use command prompt to do the following port testing:


    telnet server ip) 1270(port use by mom)

    telnet 135(rpc port use by mom server)

    telnet 1240(port also use by mom)


    if you have the error message saying: port not open then you need to check the Firewall settings if you have a firewall between MOM server and the remote computer.


    Also, make sure your mom_action account is added into the remote computer's local Administrators. If it within Domain then it is fine and add it from domain list. If it not within the domain, the the remote computer is in the WORKGROUP. Then you create a mom_action account with the same password and add into local Administrators account.





    2007年10月10日 上午 03:24