Infopath action rule not working


  • I am designing a payment/funds transfer form with a field "fee". Fee paid by clients are calculated based on amount transferred.

    I used action rules specifying what fee should be charged based on the amount transferred but the rule does not work ; the fee field is blank irrespective of the transferred amount (Dollar Paid). Any idea what I'm doing wrong? (see screen capture below)

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  • Can you double-check whether you have formatted the Dollar Paid field/control to be a number as oppose to a string. Same goes for the Fee field as well.


    2012年6月16日 上午 04:59
  • Thank you.

    I had the fields formatted as "Decimal" but it still didn't work after I changed the controls to Text String.

    I've tweaked everything I could think of but nothing seems to work ; any further advice?

    2012年6月16日 下午 04:20
  • Hi,

    It's odd that it doesn't work, I tried it my self and it works perfectly well.

    I have both fields set as "Decimal(double)" and the rules are set on dollarpaid field.

    Could you just try to do this on a blank form with nothing else on it, just to make sure there isn't anything else messing things up.

    Start with just one or two rules to make sure it works.

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    2012年6月16日 下午 05:15
  • Thanks, it worked.

    I had the rule set on 'fee' field instead of "dollarpaid" ; I've battled with this for days, probably too close to the problem to see the solution.

    I'm so grateful.

    2012年6月16日 下午 06:55