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  • Thanks all for your help.

    I'm testing exchange 2010 remote connection using the RCA.

    When testing the first item "Exchange Activeysnc", I got error in last step about can't resolve the host name eg. in DNS

    My current setup:

    - I've two cas server setup

    - cas01 (with cas, hub, mailbox type installed)

    - cas02 (with cas type installed)

    - cas01 service internal client

    - cas02 servie internet client

    - so there are 2 scp records in AD

    - I already created recoards in public DNS: and and pointed to external ip of

    From the RCA testing result:

    - it can passed the step in "Attemping to test potential autodiscover URL"

    - but in last step " Validating exchange Activesync settings", it show that it try to access

    - because I only add to DNS server, so it can't resolve cas01

    My question is why the autodiscover service return but not

    How can I control this?



    2013年1月28日 上午 05:52