Cannot Import PST Files to Exchange


  • Hi,

    i have installed a Exchange 2010SP2 Server in my Lab. I try to import a PST File form a User that i have made with Outlook 2010. When i try to import the PST with the PS Command:

    [PS] C:\>New-MailboxImportRequest -FilePath \\W2k08Exch\test.pst -Mailbox test

    I become a Error "FAILED" at about 12%.

    I set the BadItemLimit to 1000 but now i become the error at 51%. I think it is not a option to set the BaditemLimit so high!

    When i open the PST File in Outlook it IS possible to drag and drop the Itmes from the PST to my Exchange Server but this is not a good solution because i have here 150 Users to import......

    Is there a logfile wehre i can see what problem the Exschange Server had with the Import?!

    AAny other options to import the PST File´s to the Server?

    2012年11月30日 下午 02:47