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    Windows XP 中,Power User 是指屬於 Power Users 群組的任何使用者帳戶。Power User 帳戶具有一些 (但非全部) 系統管理員所擁有的使用者權利。在此版 Windows 中,已簡化使用者群組,因此 Power Users 群組已經不存在。如果您從 Windows XP 升級至此版 Windows,而且在 Windows XP 中有以 Power Users 之特定權限設定的資料夾或檔案,則仍可照原本在 Windows XP 中的方式使用它們。





    You may have noticed there was no mention of the Power User group. That's because the Power User group has been removed from Windows Vista. Some organizations used the Power Users group in an attempt to limit administrator privileges. While making someone a power user may prevent him from making unapproved system configurations, he (or malware running with power user credentials) may be able to gain additional rights and permissions and even complete administrative credentials. For that reason, Windows Vista has administrator and Standard user as the two primary account types.



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