user's pc lost all of 'my documents' sbs 2003 RRS feed

  • 問題

  • last night we had a complete sbs crash.  A user tried to save a document to his local pc after the crash, received errors.  Upon reboot of the SBS and reconnection, his my documents folder was empty.  Also, strangely, the common option to 'synchronize offline files' was gone from the normal menu.  When browsing through the network to the server, his docs are still there.  Also, when he logs into a different machine, it syncs up properly.  Believing this may be a corrupt offline file DB, i followed MS instructions and first had the DB formatted and recached (folder options, shift control and delete offline files)... no result after reboot.  Then I tried the Reg Hack to reformat his offline DB... no result after reboot.   Temporary solution is a direct shortcut to his docs folder on the server, but i would like to restore his doc redirection back to original operation.  Anyone know the best course of action?
    2009年4月23日 下午 10:51