Windows 10 IOT 2016 可以直接升級至2019嗎? RRS feed

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  • 請問,Windows 10 iot 2016 可以直接升級至2019嗎? 


    2019年9月2日 上午 03:25


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    Win 10 LTSB upgrade question.

    spicehead-ruwb1 May 7, 2019 at 12:48 AM 1st Post
    My update went as described by SQLSlacker with a few caveats.
    1.You will need to enter a new Windows 2019 LTSC activation code after the update
    2.The update goes perfectly as long as you go from the same 'N' ness to the same 'N' ness. Going from 2016 LTSB N to 2019 LTSC N, went flawlessly, and VS2017, MSOffice 2016, SSMS, Android Studio, Docker Desktop all work perfectly afterwards. However, when going from 2016 LTSB N to 2019 LTSC none-N on another system, I was prompted and only given the options to go completely clean-slate or preserve files (apps and registry are blown away). I chose to preserve files and these were available after the update.  
    3.In both cases, a Windows.old folder was created that could not be deleted directly from Explorer (permissions), but CAN be deleted via Settings->System->Storage->Storage Sense->Change How We Free Up Space Automatically->Old Windows Versions.

    2019年9月3日 上午 03:04