Problem with a single computer RRS feed

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  • I have one computer on a network of about 75 computers that will not respond to ping. When I try to apply group policy through ADS it fails but on the troubled computer I can see that the group policy has taken effect. I am not able to remote connect  onto this PC but I can remote connect to another pc from it. I can use all the resources of the network with the troubled computer but to the rest of the network that computer is not there. This is my first time posting on this forum but I am sure it will not be my last. Any info you could give me to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
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    2009年4月1日 下午 09:37


  • Start with the simple.  Does it or has it ever had a firewall install?  Seems that only inbound communication is the problem.
    2009年4月2日 下午 02:13
  • Thanks for the reply Mike. I'm pretty sure that the firewall is turned off. I do not know the history of this pc so I don't knowo if there was one previously installed but I will look into that being a possible cause. Thanks!
    2009年4月3日 下午 12:44
  • There is no firewall running on that machine. Any other possible problems?
    2009年4月3日 下午 02:54
  • Hi N,

    Could the swiches have been configured to drop ICMP packets? That would explain the inability to ping the machine. Can you ping other machines? What does a tracert <ip address of troubled pc> show in comparison to other machines on the network? Are you pinging the machine on hostname or IP? Is the machine correctly listed in DNS and AD? As for remote desktop on the machine, are you sure it's enabled? Can you control the machine remotely (compmgmt.msc, connect to troubled pc)? 

    Best wishes,
    2009年4月4日 下午 01:33
  • Sorry for the long wait on the reply. I can ping every other machine on the network. Tracert doesnt even make the first hop. I can reach the other computers that are using the same switch. Trying to reach the pc with the ip as well as the hostname turn up nothing.
    2009年4月15日 下午 08:42
  • Hi N,

    Are you sure the ip settings on that machine are correct (mainly ip address and subnet in this case). How is connectivity from the pc to another?

    Best wishes,
    2009年4月15日 下午 08:53
  • You may check the ipsec policy on Local Group Polcy editor on the PC

    2009年5月30日 下午 03:18