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  • 你好,我打算用 KMS 去啟動網絡內的 Windows Server 及 Vista 電腦,
    我聽說我的網絡要有一定數量的 Windows 機才能使 KMS 運作,請問要多少呢?
    我可以用 VM 去達成數量的要求嗎?
    2010年7月20日 上午 01:23


  • Hi,

    When you activate a physical machine via KMS, its count increases by 1; however, please understand that virtual machines will not increase the count and will not be activated until the count reaches 5. Once you have a count of 5, all servers, including VMs will be activated.

    Because you have only 2 physical server, the KMS count is 2. All other virtual servers do not increase the activation count. Please note that KMS requires a minimum number of physical computers in a network environment, called the activation threshold, to activate KMS client machines. The activation threshold for Windows Vista remains at twenty-five (25) physical computers. However the activation threshold for Windows Server 2008 is five (5) physical computers.

    For more detailed information on this, please refer to:

    Volume Activation 2.0 Changes for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1:



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