Unable to Launch Windows Media Players 12 (with Windows 7) RRS feed

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  • When I try to launch the WMP 12 (with Windows 7),

    a window pops up and says:

    「檔案 wmplayer.exe 的版本號碼為 12.0.7600.16667,但應該是 12.0.7601.17514。

    Windows Media Player 未正確安裝,請重新安裝,

    您想由 Microsoft 網站重新安裝播放程式嗎?」


    I have tried to reinstall the update feature pack but it says the update file is not suitable for the existed WMP version on my laptop.

    Your prompt assistance would be highly appreciated, thanks a lot~!!

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  • Hi mini_kerry

    01. 開始 => 所有程式 => 附屬應用程式 => 對命令提示字元點右鍵 => 以系統管理員身分執行

    02. 輸入 unregmp2.exe /UpdateWMPVersion 並按 Enter

    03. 完成後重新打開Windows Media Player應該就會正常


    After updating WMP you an error from wmploc.dll about the version number being incorrect

    2012年1月5日 上午 10:48
  • thx for your help, yet i still can't fix it..........T_T the problem is still there
    2012年1月9日 下午 08:24
  • thx! i've tried this but it failed to fix the problem for me.....T_T
    2012年1月9日 下午 08:24
  • Hi mini_kerry



    2012年1月10日 上午 05:54
  • i did, bt still can;t fix it,,,,,,,,,><"

    wt can i do then?? 


    2012年1月19日 下午 09:07
  • 你好~ 這段期間已試過無數次





    2012年3月2日 下午 06:18
  • I had a same error with you. Please try the below steps to resolve the issue

    For WMP 12 in Windows 7, here’s the steps to uninstall or re-install Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center (which will be removed if WMP is removed as it relies on WMP).

    1. Click on Start button, and open Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features.
    2. Click on Turn Windows features on or off in the left pane.

    3. Expand Media Features.
    4. Uncheck (untick) check box for Windows Media Player.
    5. Click Yes to continue when prompted with dialog box saying:

      The following Windows features will also be turned off because they are dependent on Windows Media Player. Do you want to continue?

      Windows Media Center
      Other Windows features and programs installed on your computer might also be affected, including default settings.

    6. Click OK to remove WMP and WMC, and quit.

    7. Restart computer.

    To re-install Windows Media Player and/or Windows Media Center again, follow these steps:

    1. Open Turn Windows features on or off again.
    2. Check (tick) the checkbox for Windows Media Player and/or Windows Media Center.
    3. Restart computer.
    4. Windows Media Player 12 will be reinstate and reset. Launch Windows Media Player, and re-initialize the program.
    2013年3月2日 上午 01:47