請問如何上傳 WIM image 到 WDS Server? RRS feed

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  • 1. 請問如何上傳 WIM image 到 WDS Server?

    2. 如何可以提供內置不同軟件的 WIM image 給使用者?


    2010年7月7日 下午 04:25


  • 1. The WDS step-by-step guide has instructions on using WDS:


     You will need a boot.wim (a WinPE image specially customized for setup in WDS mode) and the .wim you created can be installed on a bare-metal PC.

     2. You can create custom images with the applications and drivers you want pre-installed. Sysprep the images, capture using the WDS Capture utility and then deploy the images using WDS. More information can be obtained in here:



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