How to synchronize the clock in domain controller and member server with a network time server RRS feed

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  • HI everybody


    If windows 2003 server is a standalone server which can synchronize the clock with an Internet time server in "Date and Time" of Control Panel. However my servers are domain controller and member server. Can you tell me how to synchronize the clock in a domain controller and a member server with a network time server ?


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    2008年9月4日 上午 10:23



  • Hi Jimkfm,




    2008年9月7日 下午 12:16

    默认情况下,域中的第一个域控制器为时间服务器,并且会自动与 Internet 时间服务器同步。域中的其他计算机自动与该域控制器同步。



    PDC 操作主机为Windows 时间服务。



    默认情况下,部署的第一个域控制器持有主域控制器 (PDC) 模拟器操作主机角色。

    2008年9月7日 下午 03:13

    Hi Jimmy


    Thank you very much. I have another question. If DC sync with my network time server (linux network time server) in my network, Does Is format of time, date, numbers and currency in Regional and Language Options change ?

    For example : Time format 05:00PM in Windows; Time format 17:20 in Linux; 

                         When sync, Is change to 17:20 in Windows because I want to sync the time correctly not change the        format of time and date and numbers.

    Do you any idea? Thanks






    2008年9月8日 上午 11:48