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  • 我有一個server是ad (primary)是win2000. 另外有一個新server是2008 64bit.
    現在只join workgroup未有做member server.
    1. 我想把那新的2008轉做primary dc, 要所有用戶都指去那新DC.如轉role (dhcp, dns..)
    2. 是否要做adprep? 怎樣做?
    3. 我想把它轉為2nd DC. 那部2k server有什麼做?
    4. 另外想把2K Server名稱更改.
    5. 之前的用戶是會自動去找2000那DC, 那麼如果轉了2008為primary DC,
    用戶方面是否要什麼去把他們轉去2008? 還是不用找, 他們會自動去找primary DC?
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  • Hi,

    Reference here first:

    1. After adding the DC, you can transfer all the FSMO roles to 2008 DC. For DHCP, you need to install DHCP to the 2008 DC and configure new scope options so that the clients will use the new 2008 DC as their preferred DNS server.

    2. You need to run  adprep /forestprep  and adprep /domainprep /gpprep, reference the above link for more information.
    3. Nothing
    4. W2K server DC cannot be rename, reference here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/195242/en-us
    5.  Auto, as the DNS server will have the new DC record.


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