How to reduce the chance of jamming all the print queues in a Server? RRS feed

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  • Hi there,

    Is that all the print queues installed in a server will be jammed if one of the queue hang? I am experiencing the following situation.
    I have setup 11 print queues with the same printer driver in Windows Server 2003. Every users in the company will submit print jobs to these queues. But now I found that when one of the print queue hang, all the other 10 queues cannot be used. I must stopped the spooler service and delete those jobs in order to recover the print service.
    I would like to know if there is any mean to reduce the risk of jamming all the print queues at the same time. Can anyone please kindly advice? Thanks in advance.

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    2008年12月1日 上午 02:59


  • Dear 
     You can assign the manage right to user.
     So that they can delete the file that hang in print queue..
     If your server performance are not very good, i suggest that you can create a scheduled job to restart the printer sooler services.

    Hope can help you

    2008年12月3日 上午 09:53